Bapatla Public School


The Bapatla Public School (English Medium) was started by the BAPATLA EDUCATION SOCIETY on 20th June, 1987 in fulfilment of the latter's cherished desire of providing quality education right from KG to PG level. It is particularly aimed at serving the educational needs of children from the rural neighbourhood and to bring out the best in them. Within a short period of its inception, the school acquired a name for disciplined functioning and academic excellence more over. Explanation of lessons with the help of digital boards. The teaching schedules and other programmes are designed in such a manner like computer education and other co-curricular activities.

The school is housed in a modern and well equipped building set amidst serene surroundings. Great expectations are entertained about this infant institution. We look forward to get from it a steady stream of young citizens with unimpeachable character and high purpose.


The Bapatla Public School is a place where all students are encouraged to strive for excellence academically, socially and emotionally in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


The Mission of the Bapatla Public School is to provide a quality education that encourages every student to realize his / her fullest potential.



Applications are invited for the post of Principal