Bapatla Public School

General Rules

  1. Wearing any kind of gold ornaments to school is strictly prohibited.
  2. Every child must be well disciplined and must speak only in English.
  3. Students shall put in the required attendance by being present on working days - except under unavoidable circumstances.
  4. All students must take care of their belongings i.e, books, lunch box, pencils etc., and check them before they leave the school.
  5. Parents must encourage their children to participate in the various co-curricular activities of the school.
  6. Students are not expected to abscond from the classes until the last working day without the permission of the Principal.
  7. 80% attendance is compulsory.
  8. The Principal is competent to debar any student on the following lines.
    1. Attendance Shortage.
    2. Mal Practices in the Examinations
    3. Mis-conduct and mis-behaviour.
    4. Any violation from the School rules and regulations.
  9. Group insurance will be provided to all the students with a nominal premium.